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April 16, 2019

Longato Serramenti presents VEKASLIDE 170 HST, lift sliding with exceptional thermal performances.

VEKASLIDE Lift sliding system sets new parameters in terms of performance and functionality. Thanks to the exceptional value of Thermal transmittance of the PVC system matched to an insulating glazing with Ug-value 1.1 W/m2K,you can easily reach a resulting value of 1.3 W/m2K Uw thermal transmittance of the fixture, value that exceeds the most severe requirements established by the decree on energy efficiency.

Like every VEKA systems, also Vekaslide is realized with Classe s compunding and profile Classe A gaunges, according UNI EN 12608 rule, thus giving to the final product the highest level of quality in terms of performance, duration and aging resistance. In addition, the robust structure of the extruded Class A profiles, combined with the use of suitable steel reinforcements ensure the maximum stability to the finished product and the ease of opening even in the case of a large glass wall.

Also from the aesthetic point of view VEKASLIDE is attractive, thanks to the linear and clean surfaces that answer to the most current requirements of the market. The coplanarity of the lines between the door and the frame as well as the seals, well hidden and the thermal threshold in light gray shade contribute significantly to the aesthetic appeal of the new system VEKASLIDE.


Profiles: more rooms, visible height of 152mm by the side and 100mm in the middle. Internal steel bracing according to the guidelines VEKA

Basic sizes of the series:
– fixed frame section 170mm
– movable frame section 70mm

Uf Value: 1,60 W/m²K
Resistance to wind load: EN 12210
Thermal cauking: DIN 4108, EN 10077, EnEV rule
Gaskets: Central frame gasket and in the jamb of the perimetral door.
Design: traditional with rounded edges.

Applications: The series allows the realization of sliding doors (one or more doors), with the possibility of insertion of the threshold lowered to the ground.

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