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Who does not want beautiful, bright and new windows corresponding to the latest regulations in terms of thermal and acoustic insulation?
Longato offers you the best solution with high-tech fixtures, a timeless design set of windows, doors and sliding doors and a qualified and certificated staff POSACLIMA.
Our pose staff is constantly updated thanks to training courses on the latest news and for the use of high performance products in the installation of new fixtures.
The replacement of the old ones is done without a masonry work, quickly and cleanly, so it takes very little to improve the comfort of your home.
The Longato range offers specific profiles for the refurbishment with a wide choice of shapes and colors as faithful as possible to the originals to satisfy any individual or architecture need.
New windows Longato has a metalware against break-ins equipment to guarantee the maximum of safety, and obviously the total absence of maintenance. It will be easy to see the improvement of the thermal and acoustic comfort of your home as the old wooden windows with single or double glass result in a loss of energy equal to 5 times higher than the new ones with low emissivity glazing and Argon gas.
It is essential to make you understand that it is so important to produce a good frame as place it in a workmanlike manner.
Thanks to the heat-insulating performance of new windows Longato you can get back the purchase in few years and you can also take advantage of tax in force.

Soundal System SWS certified installation
– self – expanding perimetrical Soundanband Tape
– folienband outside film
– folienband inside film
– flexifoam
– sealing with specific MS-POLYMER silicone