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Schuco AWS 65

January 21, 2020

Rich in variants basic series for a rich in ideas design

New range of aluminum windows with thermal break

Both in new buildings and in renovation – you can install in any building situation the aluminum Schüco AWS 65 basic series or optionally with coplanar shutter or with outward opening. The numerous variants of the system and the wide range of accessories are the base of a design full of ideas.
This “allround” window is thermally insulated and offers the unbeatable benefits of aluminum: durability, robustness and stability, narrow face widths and numerous design possibilities – also in large windows.


Schüco AWS 65 provides an improved thermal insulation with a depth of 65 mm: a f-U mean value of 2.2 W/m2K makes you save energy and, consequently, to limit heating costs. This extraordinary value is achieved thanks to a wider insulating section and with an optimized central seal of the empty chamber.


Thanks to the concealed fittings or, more precisely, to the control of the closure with the TipTronic fitting, the security of your home increases, in an even more simple way. Depending on the installed fittings and on the glazing, casement windows meet the requirements of WK3 resistance class in case of impact.


The small size of the frame, of the shutter and of the stile make possible a high glass surface: the greater transparency and brightness achieved in your living spaces in this way make increase the comfort in your home. An additional benefit for your well-being: the optimized sealing system in the profile of the window guarantees not only good thermal insulation, but also a high sound insulation and protection against the atmospheric agents – to feel good at home.
To adapt the comfort of the windows to your needs and requirements in the best way, it is available a choice of almost all the openenig mode in use: eg. shutter,
folding door, flap door, two-shutter windows, horizontal and vertical inward or outward pivot hinge.
The combination with Schüco TipTronic electromechanics concealed fittings also offers you maximum comfort through electronic window opening, closing and lock – with a botton or with an external keyboard.


With the basic set, rich of Schüco AWS 65 variants, you can realize attractive and tailored windows, for example with different shades of color of exterior and of interior.
The innovative Schüco AvanTec concealed fitting enables perfect aesthetic lines with face widths from 51 mm large and enables the use of large doors up to a weight of 130 kg. A wide range of accessories enables you to complete your customized designs.
Thanks to its depth of only 65 mm, the range of Schüco AWS 65 windows is versatile and can be easily combined with Schüco range of doors.

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