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Residential realizations

March 19, 2019

From fortyfive years ago, the production of fixtures of ‘Serramenti Longato’ is entirely manufactured in Italy, only and exclusively at the site of Piombino Dese. The expression Made in Italy, pride for italian producers, represents the quality, the creativity and the inventiveness a characteristic of Italy and its craftsmen who we can consider artists.

Serramenti Longato,thanks to its wide variety of products and services, it is able to meet the needs of all its customers. We operate throughout the Triveneto thanks to a wide sales network. Serramenti Longato snc operates throughout Triveneto thanks to an extensive sales network.

The product range consists of:

– Fixtures in pvc and aluminium;
– Balconies in pvc or in caulked aluminium;
– Fixtures in wooden and wood-aluminum
– External rolling shutters in pvc and in caulked aluminium;
– Mosquito nets, filtering and darkening liners;
– Curtain walls and industrial fixtures;
– Sectional front doors or garage doors;
– Wood and laminate interior doors.

Choosing fixtures Longato means:

Thermal Insulation: It’s undeniable the pleasure of living in a well-isolated home, warm, dry, well protected and proofed from the outside, comfortable and with a lower energy consumption in winter but also in summer. Besides an excellent thermal insulation is synonymous of a decreasing air pollution.

Sound insulation: A fixture acoustically insulated allows to live better without interference within the walls of one’s own house. Insulation from atmospheric agents: Namely preserving the property itself, avoiding drafts, annoying leaks, damages to the masonry and even to the flooring of the entire structure.

No maintenance: Is enough using a damp cloth or a sponge to make the fixture perfect, like new, without exploiting paint or something else. Doing like that time and money are saved.

Metalware anti-tamper security Siegenia made as standard on every product with the possibility to include anti-theft sensors to always feel relaxed, safe and secure.
With the expansion of the production area, offices and interior showroom made in 2017, the total area is approximately 3000m².

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