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Garage doors

The structure of the openable covering surface, with perimetral outilne in galvanized steel, is internally reinforced with a 3 mm profile of seal. The lining of the coat is done externally with 1,5 mm sheet metal panels and inside finished-off with 1 mm panel. The insulation is assured by high density self-extinguishable polystyrene mats.

All vital parts are protected by a thick manganese sheet to ensure the highest degree of safety. The garage door is supplied with the following accessories: counter-weights, cables, a pair of fall protection equipment, fastening iron cramps, elastic latch closure and gaskets. Manual or motorized (if requested), operation with actuators and electronic control unit To ensure the highest level of security in the engine, there are different speed of opening and closing, performing this one in reduced mode.

The coat of paint realised with baked polyester powder ensures the best quality and durability. It’s carried out along a production cycle: tunnel fosfosgreasing, double rinse, dried in a fornace at 130 °, polyester powder sprinkled booth in robotic or manual (40 micron), and finali dried in a fornace at 200 °. All that for a personalized choice of 29 standard colors.

Pratic Special Scudo armored garage door, completed with a pedestrian door, has successfully passed the stringent tests required by the standard UNI EN 1627 and obtained certification in CLASS 3.