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Serramenti Longato is an authorized dealer and GD DORIGO GD POINT for the province of Padua – –

In addition to the wide range of exterior fixtures, the customer is also followed for the selection of interior doors, which are essential to the home garnish, so important to pay particular attention. The line of doors and interior fixtures is characterized by models articulated on hundreds of dimensional and functional variants with the ability to customize different types of door, transforming standard models in thousands of unique versions and with a wide range of woods and lacquers available: canaletto walnut , oak in four colors, open pore or decapè lacquered ash, material finishes, textures and metals.

More than this endless finishing touches, the customization of the door will also be based on: the choice of decorative glass, that influence the lightining of the indoor ambiance, accessories in polished brass or brushed steel, and the shape of the frame and the cornices: classical straight with interlocking joints or rounded lines and harmonious curves in which the profiles and cornices are joined to form two columns that frame and embellish the door.

We will follow you, if you wish with the technician and testers who we trust that will intervene to check and ensure, in accordance with our instructions, the best setup in your homes.

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Wood Doors


Design has always been one of the main strategic levers with which GD DORIGO displays its ability to distinguish itself in the world of manufacturers of internal doors.
It all begins in a “Made in Italy laboratory” where new ideas take shape and construction experiments are carried out. From here they are transformed into successful doors like those developed with the contribution of leading designers such as GIUGIARO.
Interaction with designers of international standing has consolidated the company’s leaning towards taste and style, which over time have become the fundamental cornerstones for the continuous development of the range.
Technology and know-how regarding materials completes the picture and ensures the lab has a fundamental role to play in subsequent serial production processes.

Iki Collection

Oriental harmony in Aesthetics and style by Giugiaro Design.

From the experience and creativity of Giugiaro Design the Iki Collection was born; a project with aesthetic revolutionary contents that concentrates the refinement and the elegance of the oriental tradition into sharp and intense marks, with extraordinary formal discipline.
From the technical point of view, the innovative aspect of the proposal consists of an important use of aluminium, which is introduced in its natural brightness close to the wood and to the lacquered colours.
Graphic essential patterns relate to the oriental tradition that recovers highly symbolic themes, harmonized by the technicians of the GD Dorigo to the demands of industrialization typical of this product.
The contemporary research of new expressive horizons, the interest for the diversity of the cultures, the fascination for the East find in the Iki Collection a sophisticated interpretation, that won’t fail to involve the public always in search of new living suggestions.

Imago Collection

Inlaid doors, embroideries in wood.

IMAGO doors create atmosphere and arouse old emotions. The aesthetic result of the inlays is due to the craftsman’s skill and to the fine engineering work. The precious crafting of the fine essences underlines the warmth of the wood, giving value to each piece which is unique and distinctive.
The delicacy and value of the essences make each environment refined . IMAGO is the door that originates from an artisan’s idea, for a classic timeless space.

Art Collection

As in an art gallery, a journey designed on the doors, and depicted by Raimondo Sandri tells us about the house.

A tour completely experienced within the walls of a house. Raimondo Sandri’s freehand designs exclusively created for the Art collection of GD Dorigo, represent the notes of a tour, a tour through the rooms of a house, with figures and shapes that foresee the world we will discover behind every door.
The designs created with inks and shaded backgrounds, the spontaneous stains, the fresh marks of the brush, offer to everyone the freedom to interpret them all the way.

The pictorial feature of the designs makes every image attractive and converts every door into a screen on which the images are born out of fantasy.
The chromatic combinations stress the modernity of the style enabling to furnish freely.

Effigies Collection

Classic doors that represent a return to tradition.
A collection made of fine woods with warm shades for a comfortable room in classic style.
EFFIGIES dresses environments with both antique flavour and style, giving a quality interpretation to the tastes of the past. A set of traditional but long-lasting products because they are always up-to-date. With Effigies, the wood takes shape and warms the heart of the house.

Venus Collection

Doors decorated or engraved by pantograph, in delicate pastel colours.

New in the lines and in the shades, Venus maintains the rigour and sobriety of the plain door and also increases the traditional familiarity of the classic doors.
The collection is available in a wide range of models and colours and, moreover, is the right choice for a sophisticated designer alert to details and always in search of new ideas.
Thanks to the geometry of the pantograph work and engravings, several different meanings can be given to the door, making it suitable both for traditional tastes and for a more modern interior decoration.

Eterea Collection

The frameless door that is not there.

The Eterea Collection, designed by the research division of GD Dorigo, is a frameless corridor door which opens both by pushing and pulling, with a patented jamb and available in either plasterboard or plaster.
Together with the jamb we offer a wide range of panels with a tempera finish which makes the door invisible in the room – or for those looking for a “minimal” design, we offer the full range of RAL colours with matt or gloss finishes, many quality wood veneers or real leather surfaces.

Orion Collection

Sectional doors, free to change, maintening the taste of classic

With the Orion collection is possible to compose the solution that you want, thanks to a patented system of interchangeable panels and glazing Structure in veneered wood.
The simple lines, combined with essences and finishes make this collection suitable for important environments and it gives it a distinctive style to the house.

Iride Collection

Lacquered doors with Brushed effect.

With simple and square lines, IRIDE responds to contemporary trends offering a lacquered door available in 3 Colours, enriched by a brushed horizontal effect; this type of processing gives to the product a kind of movement able to characterize the extremely modern surrounding environments as well as the more traditional ones.

Plantext Doors


The PLANTEXT is a finish processed in GD DORIGO of particular value: the superficial and tactile effect is similar to the essence of the wood, made of material resistant to abrasion and scratches.

Pegaso Collection

Plain doors with the new “REVERSIBLE SYSTEM” (double face)

With their simple and clean lines the doors of the Pegaso line are ideal for modern and classic environments alike. Delicate to the touch and with an exquisite finish they will definitely become the central focus of any room.
The reversible system allows the right / left opening, as the swing door is universal. In this way any problems during the assembly can be drastically reduced, particularly at the building site.

Medusa Collection

Plain doors with aluminium details.
A clean and refined design characterizes these doors designed for any use.
Elegant aluminium details are the perfect addition to an uncluttered design, which turns these doors into the ideal solution for any type of room.

Zeus Collection

Modular doors with aluminium details.

A collection of refined and elegant doors that blend profiles of the past with modern technologies.
The right balance of tradition and innovation creates a modern interpretation of classic styles enriched by aluminium inserts, coloured parts or glass.

Atlante Collection

Classic doors.
A collection of doors that use innovative materials and concepts without compromising on a classic style.
These doors add a distinctive touch to traditional, warm and expressive environments.
The fascinating beauty of styles of the past goes hand in hand with the practicality and resistance of contemporary finishes.

All the photographs in this catalog can not be used as a reference standard for colors, veining and colors.

The shades and veining are indicative being made of wood veneer that is colored by nature and variable grain.
The RAL color and gloss level are for guidance only.

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