Aluminium Balconies

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Aluminium Balconies

Aluminium shutters are extruded in 6060 alloy and painted according to RAL coloring with polyester powder in legislation Qualicoad or as an alternative in 50 shades wood effect which are sought-after for their excellent functionality and durability, they don’t require any maintenance. Within the tube-shaped of every aluminum slat is inserted some high density XPS polystyrene to increase significantly the thermal and acoustic insulation.
Longato shutters system offers four models: Padovana, Vicentina, Antone, Orientabile. For these models Longato also included the block solution in which the window frame and the shutter are part of the same unit.

Padovana Model: is the classic scuter that we find in the provinces of Padua, Treviso and Venice. It’s characterized by the assembly on the half of the wall’s thickness which firstly permit the opening leaning on the staves on the side of the wall and secondly overturning their doors on exterior masonry.

Vicentina Model: It’s a bending doors product. The doors curve on themselves and fold in the interspace wall thus allowing a simple operation of opening and closing without having to lean. Shown in construction with outside railings.

Antone Model: is characterized by a mounting light wall that can be opened by folding its doors on exterior masonry.

Orientabile Model: It’s a framework shutter which gives the ability to adjust the light and the air through the orientation of the thin sheet, up to total black, in order to choose the environmental situation that suits your needs.