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Sectional garage doors

March 20, 2021

At Longato serramenti even the garage door becomes a valuable element of your home. In fact, the SECTIONAL door models feature, in addition to the high degree of safety and insulation, also a refined design. Discover the model that best integrates with your home.

Steel surfaces with bright colors and high insulating power.

Two basic models that can be customized for dimensions, types of paneling, configuration and finish, available in any RAL color.
Securwall P model : with transversal slats on the external panels, simple and linear.
Securwall PC model: with “cassette” imprint and wood embossing.

Insulation achieved by inserting a thick layer of insulating material inside the panels.

Extremely precise and resistant mechanics.

To ensure maximum comfort, in sectional doors it is possible to choose the motorization system equipped with the most advanced technological devices: radio control, sensor control, self-diagnosis at each ignition.

Safety devices:
– Soft anti-breaking device
– Cable break device
– Obstacle detection
– Anti-crushing panels joint

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