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Security doors

July 13, 2020

Serramenti Longato is an authorized Bauxt dealer, leader in the production of armored doors.

Flexible and customized solutions for every need. For Bauxt there is no security without flexibility of design and construction. Each Bauxt security door is designed “to measure” for its structure, characteristics and dimensions and because it is the best choice for the context in which it will be inserted: classic or modern, traditional or contemporary, residential or commercial.

From Serramenti Longato you will find both doors inspired by the most contemporary design made of clean shapes and volumes and armored and armored doors designed in every single detail for renovations, recoveries and restorations of historic and prestigious or restricted properties.

For Bauxt, security means being able to express the excellence of its technology in multiple shapes and forms: in this way each client has the freedom to choose from an extensive range of options based on the specific home, protection needs and personal style.

Glass fittings, non-standard sizes, double doors, large or small windows: the company’s in-house design studio is able to devise and manufacture solutions that are personalised each time for every house.

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