EURO line EL50F facade

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EURO line EL50F facade

June 19, 2020

Serramenti Longato’s glass and steel facades guarantee safety and high efficiency thermal insulation.

The EURO line EL50F facade allows the creation of strut and beam thermal insulating facades with reflective glazing and internal and external openings.
In the mirrored can be inserted: opening doors, flap doors, disappearance doors, which can be opened to stick with structural glass, dormers; they must ensure: air permeability, water tightness, wind resistance in accordance with the certifications obtained in accordance with European standards available in the system Euroline.

The brand paint in the European Qualicoat color according to RAL tables will have a minimum thickness for the visible parts of 60 Micron.



Extruded profile: 6060 UNI9006/1 alloy.
Dimensional tolerances and thickness: ½ UNI 3879.
Thermal-break: made with plastic insulating spacer.
Glazing: from the outside with gaskets and locked off presser.
Glass thickness: variable, depending on the thickness of the gaskets.

Base size of the series
– strut width 50mm
– outside cover width 50mm

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