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January 18, 2021

The result of the most refined technology prone to excellence!

ALPHALINE MD 90 system is the result of an amazing union between oustanding sorts of insulation, technical-functional performance and a extended choise of colours, all summarized in a fixture that stands out a pleasant aesthetic relationship among glass wall and cut which don’t need, like every PVC VEKA system, special maintenance over time.

This three weather strips system, with 6 rooms structure and 90 mm thickness, is composed by countours realized with Classe s compunding and profile Classe A gaunges ( according UNI EN 12608 rule). Moreover is forecast the possibility to add a polystyrene aim in the frame that further reduces the value of the thermal transmittance of the node / leaf up to 0.97 W / m² K.

The unique ability of the glazing system ALPHALINE MD 90 allows a glass seat up to a thickness of 58 mm, usually realized with unique triple sheets that permit you to decrease the thermal transmittance up to 0.77 W / m² K.

The technical characteristics of ALPHALINE MD 90 permit to easely reach high performances also in acoustic field, airtight, water and wind. The robust design of the extruded class A matched with stewl supports assure a great reliability in time, even in case of large fixtures.

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