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March 8, 2016

The modern requirements for thermal efficiency have had comprehensive response in the development of very high-performance doors and frames. The thermal images show the criticality of the subframe, the third element of the window that is becoming the responsibility of the fabricator.

TERMOFRAME is the answer to the problem, a further step towards the development of a “closure system” acoustically and thermally insulating.

A subframe structure that adapts to any construction, easy to install and economical. A system that provides a complete isolation on the primary node (between wall and the subframe), via elastic elements that prevent the occurrence of cracks and the use of staff beads.

13 layers of 18 mm
protected with phenolic resin film
sealed edge
guaranteed uniformity
formaldehyde class E1
gluing class 3
3 meters length
product approved by Posa Clima and Casa Clima

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