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Maintenance kit for PVC fixtures

March 8, 2016

The maintenance of the fixtures in PVC Longato is easy, practical and quick! Thanks to the quality of the Veka outlines the necessity of treatments is really reduced to a minimum; to guarantee to the Longato products an endless life is sufficient to follow some simple tips.

The PVC maintenance SET is an additional element that Longato puts at his customer’s disposal in order to avoid the alteration, with the passing of time, of the peculiar features of his fixture.

The PVC maintenance SET includes:
° A bottle of concentrated detergent
° 5 seals – regenerating serviettes
° A bottle of ironware – lubricant
° A microfiber – cloth
° The instruction for the use

Cleaning the products: thanks to the “concentrated detergent”, it is sufficient to pour some drops on the cloth and wipe it carefully both on the well-visible parts and on the less accessible one. This way you will be able to maintain the polish of the product, avoiding that the atmospheric agent or aggressive substances make the windows surface dirty. The use of the regenerating serviettes is suggested once a year, after the control of the state of use and of the hardness of the perimetrical seals.

Thanks to the practical measuring device for ironware it is possible to make the lubrication of all the movable parts (such as hinges, connections, bars, closing pawl etc) in an easy and quick way. This kind of treatment is suggested once a year too.

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